Drive your company towards profitable and sustainable growth


Drive your company towards profitable and sustainable growth.

Where can I add value

Depending on your needs, we also collaborate with trusted experts and great professionals in fields such as graphic design, point-of-sale material, digital transformation, SEO, among others.

IVL Consulting - start up, small and medium-sized business strategy


  • Redefine the business strategy according to the needs of your consumer.
  • What do your Brand and Product say about you today, what do you want it to say in the future?
  • Define concrete and measurable objectives.
  • Adapt your sales and marketing strategy and organization to different channels to grow and be more efficient.
  • Marketing plan, realistic and effective.

IVL Consulting - business growth


  • How to create innovative products, how to differentiate yourself from the competition in the long term, how to know your potential consumer
  • Process innovation from product creation to customer service with “the consumer experience” as a guide.
  • Joint development of action plans to obtain fast and sustainable results in the short and long term.
  • Analysis of your organization, resources and capabilities.

IVL Consulting - start up training


  • Presentations with impact: the presenter and his/her tools.
  • The leader within me: developing leaders  of today.
  • The change is good: Help your team to be part of the change, adapt and be an active part. Team dynamics.
  • Workshop on vision, mission and company values.
  • Workshop on brand strategy, positioning and how to grow.
  • Conflict resolution. How to be a team again.

Consultant, Consultant, Trainer

When for personal reasons I chose the path of reinventing myself, I set myself the goal of making a living with what I like to do, channeling all my professional and life experience into something new.
I have fulfilled my dream.

Another perspective

I was pleasantly surprised to find out how enriching it is to be in contact with different companies and areas, they make me much more creative, not only I bring experience, but perspective, freshness and new ideas.

Part of the Team

Many times it is about accompanying you as an businessman or entrepreneur and your team. Finding space to think, returning to the essence of the company's vision, ordering, prioritizing and putting a plan of action with rhythm
ivl-consulting-formadora-consultora-startup consultora y formadora
IVL Consulting - Inmaculada Vázquez Labella is a start-up consultant and trainer

Inmaculada Vázquez Labella

Consultant, trainer, challenge seeker and passionate about my work in IVL Consulting.

With more than 20 years in the business world I have built a wide international experience in knowing how to develop and launch successful products. It is a work that revolves around three axes: understanding the real needs of consumers, how to communicate so your innovation reaches them and where we can buy your products.

  • Large and medium company consultant in Strategy and Marketing.
  • Adjunct professor of the URV in the Faculty of Economics,  Degrees and MBA.
  • Adviser to the Entrepreneurship Chair at the Rovira i Virgili University
  • Collaboration with local Institutions as Tutor of Startups of the Diputació de Tarragona and “Tarragona Impulsa” from the Town hall. 

International marketing expert

As I love traveling, I found multinational companies that took me to live in the UK, Italy, to work at a European level and very closely with the USA. I understood what China Low Cost means and produce in China with quality.

The world today, is Global.

I am an expert in the complex distribution channels in Spain, Portugal and Italy. I have good knowledge of the English, French and American markets.

IVL Consulting - consulting and marketing training for start up

Latest projects with clients

“With Inma came the fresh air and a lot of experience!
For the last 2 years I have been very lucky to be able to work with Inma in the Chair of Emprenedoria of the URV University, to work with her is a continuous learning. We are contagious of his motivation and we are impressed by his strategic vision to be able to guide entrepreneurs. It shows that he is passionate about what he does and this makes us all enjoy.
Inma is the perfect expert to help boost or grow any type of business or project, providing great ideas, differentiation and great value.

Catedra de Emprendeduria URV www.urv.cat

“We have had the pleasure of working with Inma for 2 years. His active collaboration in our business project allows us to corroborate his great professionalism, initiative and experience in his sector. For all these reasons, it has the largest of our recommendations.”


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    Inmaculada Vázquez Labella

    From my own business experience and as an entrepreneur, I would be delighted to provide a service personalised to the needs of you company.